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Brett Eldredge - It Aint Gotta Be Love chords

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  Tuned down a half step

  Into: Em D G
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  Verse 1: Em     D     G
           Can I bum a light from ya baby
           Em      D           G
           If you let me I'll buy you a round
           Em        D         G
           Sure is packed, is that seat taken 
                   Em     D      G
           Do you mind if I sit down
           Em        D            G     
           I see you tappin' your foot there baby
           Em     D         G
           So you like that song
                   Em         D            C
           Well it happens to be one of my favorites
                  Em          D    G
           Do you wanna dance baby C'mon

  Chorus:  C                         G
           It's time we get a little weekend crazy
           C                          G
           There's no need to make it all that tough
           C                       G
           We ain't jumpin' off the deep end baby
           Em       D        G
           It ain't gotta be love
           Em                   D         G
  Verse 2: No pressure let your hair down baby
           Em     D       G
           We can take it slow
           Em            D                     G
           Your name and what you're drinkin's all i need to know

           Chorus x 2

           It's a little-known song by Brett, but it sounds great with a 
           Cajon drum. Good luck and have fun
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