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Brett Eldredge - Go On Without Me chords

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dekimasu presents - "Go On Without Me" by Brett Eldredge, from "Bring You Back" (2013)


Capo 2 (live version) or Capo 5 (album version)

Verse 1:
G                          Cadd9      
Every man has his place in time
G                                  Cadd9
Everyone has a loved one that they leave behind
D                                    Am
Even though I'm not right there with you
    D                              Cadd9            D
I'm watching from a distance, just wishing that you knew
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     G                             Cadd9    
I'll always hear the prayers in my head late at night
    G                             D
I'm walking right beside you when nobody's by your side
  G                          Cadd9
I don't want you to cry over my memory
   Em        D
So go(ooooo) o(ooooo)n
without me, without me

Verse 2:
I hope that it's my love that makes you feel
That you can get back on your feet, yeah I swear you will
Oh you got so much of this life left to live
I'll be smiling at the thought of you just like I always did

Chorus x2

G                                 Cadd9
Every breath of life is short and sweet
   G                            Cadd9
So glad that I'm up here that I got to see
    Em D          G
You go on without me
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