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Brett Eldredge - Raymond chords

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The intro heard is a simple pick played off an Am. There is a second guitar 
playing a G-chord pic. The best way to play the intro with one guitar is to strum 
an A-m and hammer on the pointer finger then pull off the pointer when switching to G. CAPO 3RD

   G                          G                                   C

I work down at Ashbury Hills, Minimum wage but it pays the bills cleaning 
                               G      G                            G   
floors, and leading hyms on sunday. Katherine Davis room 303, the sweetest 
                              Em               D         C
soul you ever could meet. I bring her morning coffee everyday.

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                 C                         G             C   
 She calls me Raymond. She thinks I'm her son, tells me get washed up for 
                 D                        C
supper for your daddy gets home. She goes on about the weather and how she
 Em                 D        Am               C 
can't believe it's already 1943. She calls me Raymond, and that's alright by

                  G                                   G
She talks about clothes on the line the summer air, Christmas morning and 
                           C                                G
Thanksgiving prayer and stories of the family that I never had. Well 
    Em              D                     C
sometimes I find myself wishing I'd been there 

                   C                              G
When she call's me Raymond....... and it's alright by me

           Em                                    C                   F
There's a small white cross in Arlington, reads Raymond Davis '71. Until she
can see his face again, I'm gonna fill in the best I can

                   C               C#M             G          

When she calls me Raymond.....and that's alright by me. She call's me 
  C                            Am
Raymond, and that's alright by me.

Strum through and song ends on G. 

It's a beautiful song. Hope you enjoy it.
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