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Thompson Richard - The World Is A Wonderful Place tab

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The World is a Wonderful Place
Richard Thompson

I strongly suspect this is played with a capo on the second fret, which leads to some weird chord forms.  
by  Corrections or comments welcomed.

Fm F#m Fm F#m
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Fm                       F#m
Lovers pair off and they fall into bed
F#m               B            C#m    C#m/B
The same old lies trip off the tongue
  G#m        A                D           Bm
A few lonely hearts stand and prop up the room
    G        C
the night is young

Envy the bodies asleep on the floor
Dreaming some comfortable dream
And envy the drunk as he falls through the door
For the world is drunk I see

You live and you die
there's no reason why
A              G#m       C#m
The world is a wonderful place
The poor live in pain
They're sick and insane
A                  G#m       C#m
Ah, the world is a wonderful place

B                      C#m
How does it feel to be nothing
B                      A
How does it feel to be small
   C#m                    G#m
Oh hard on that pine, It's the end of the line
    F#m            B         C#m
Ah, the world is a wonderful place

Another year older and nothing to show
Is this what I grew up to be?
Oh you birthday boy here's a pat on the back
YouUre a sight to see

Am I just a clown like the fools gathered here
Am I nothing special at all
If this is called living, IUm folding my hand
IUm sick of the same brick wall


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