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Thompson Richard - I Feel So Good tab

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Here is the Easy Chords version of Richard Thompson's "I Feel So Good."
I have been playing it in standard tuning: nothing fancy, just banging
the chords with a strummed rhythm.  I discovered only yesterday that
Thompson plays it in dropped-D tuning with a capo at the fourth fret of
his guitar, at least in his solo acoustic version.  I've just begun to
play around with it in his tuning; a number of things I hear on the cut
on RUMOUR AND SIGH fall into place naturally, such as the bass line and
the melodic hook that opens the song.  I have not made any serious
effort to transcribe the song.
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The song has a straightforward structure.  On the record it opens with a
repeating groove (one bar in C, two beats in A minor, two beats in F) over which
the hook plays.  (Playing solo, Thompson just strums a straight-eights
ONE-two-three ONE-two-three ONE-two groove in C on the fourth and fifth
strings.)  After four bars of the groove come the first verse, the
chorus, four bars of groove,  the second verse, the chorus, and the
bridge.  Then comes an instrumental half verse which follows the chords
of the regular verse from "I'm old enough to sin etc." on.  One more
chorus is sung, which ends not by resolving to C at the last word, but
to A minor instead, and the last line of the chorus is repeated.  The
song ends with the groove, and he hook, played over and over again, and
the words "break somebody's heart" sung over it, over and over again,
until the sound man fades it out or the singer gets bored and finishes
on a C chord.

                -- Alan Bostick

                                I FEEL SO GOOD
                              (Richard Thompson)
                      Copyright 1991 Beeswing Music (BMI)

  C                         Am               F       C
I feel so good I'm going to break somebody's heart tonight.

                            Am            F      C
I feel so good I'm going to take someone apart tonight.

     Bb        F
They put me in jail for my deviant ways,

Bb         F
Two years, seven months, and sixteen days.

        Bb          F
Now I'm back on the street in a purple haze

      Am      F
And I feel so good

  Am      F
I feel so good

                            G                        C
I feel so good I'm going to break somebody's heart tonight.
I feel so good I'm going to make somebody's day tonight.
I feel so good I'm going to make somebody pay tonight.
I'm old enough to sin, but I'm too young to vote.
Society been dragging on the tail of my coat
But I've got a suitcase full of fifty-pound notes
And a half-naked woman with her tongue down my throat

Ab                                      F
They've made me pay for the things I've done.

Ab                               F
Now it's my turn to have all the fun

                             G                        C
I feel so good I'me going to break somebody's heart tonight.
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