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The Courteeners - An Ex Is An Ex For A Reason tab

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E5        B7sus 4     A5         B5

e--x---   --x---    --x---     --x---
B--x---   --x---    --x---     --x---
G--9---   --9---    --2---     --4---
D--9---   --7---    --2---     --4---
A--7---   --9---    --0---     --2---
E--0---   --0---    --0---     --0---

Intro: E5  B7sus4  E5  B7sus4   A5   B5   E5  B7sus4   E5
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E5                                            B7sus4
if i'm talking to you at the back of the club 
why does he walk past me? 
and why does he rub his shoulder past mine 
         B5                     E5
is it to let me know that he's there 
                              B7sus4    E5
whisper in his ear, from me i don't care 

i can't believe that that is what he thinks of you 
that i would click my fingers tell you to jump 
and thats what you do i think he needed to trust you 
a little bit more 
but i will walk over there and make his head sore 

is he really threatened by the presence of me 
he won't let you walk or talk 
he won't let you see what i've got in my pocket for you 
and i think that you'd love to 
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