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Newsboys - More Than Enough chords

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Bb     Eb    Gm    F

Verse 1:
               Gm                 Eb
Child of promise sent from heaven
            Bb                 F
Light from light shine down on us
           Gm             Eb
Oh to fill a hungry people
             Bb             F
Child of promise, child of God

Bb                Eb
You are faithful, You are saviour
Bb                    Eb
You are more than enough
Bb             Eb
You are healer, You are holy
Bb                     Eb
You are more than enough
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Verse 2:
            Gm              Eb
Man of sorrows, heart of mercy
             Bb             F
Love raised high upon a cross
             Gm             Eb
Dead to lead us to redemption
            Bb           F
Man of sorrows, Son of God

Verse 3:
           Gm           Eb
Lord of life in glory risen
                  Bb                F
Love has conquered both sin and grave
             Gm             Eb
Heaven's gates are truly open
            Bb            F
Lord of life, King of Kings

I'm alive in the arms of love
I lift my hands to the God above
Gm                                      F
I'm alive in the arms of love
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