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Newsboys - Something Beautiful tab

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Something Beautiful: Newsboys

(Verse 1)
F                   C    F                     C
I wanna start it over I wanna start again 
F                           C      F                      C      F
I want a new a new beginning one without any end 
   F              G
I feel it inside calling out to me 
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C                                    F                                  G
It's a voice that whispers my name it's a kiss without any shame 
Something beautiful 
C                                  F                                  G
Like a song that stirs in my head singing love will take us where 
Something's beautiful 

(Verse 2)
F                       C      F                 C
I've heard it in the silence seen it on a face 
F                     C      F                   C         F
I've felt it in a long hour like a sweet embrace 
   F                         G
I know this is true it's calling out to me 

C                                   F                                        G
It's the child on her wedding day it's the daddy that gives her away 
Something beautiful 
C                                  F                                     G
When we laugh so hard we cry it's the love between you and I 
Something beautiful 
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