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Newsboys - Giving It Over tab

Giving It Over - NewsBoys (Thrive)
Tabbed By Aaron Tribou.

[4/4] (Each period is a beat plus the name of the chord played.)



||:   E|G A...|A....|   :|| <--(Repeat throughout all verses*)
      ^ ^      ^ 
(Strum on the off beats)

*I was a teen flat-liner on the joy screen
*Dead in the water of life as we knew
*You offered me drink, I wanted more than a sip
*But I couldn't let go of the straws I was clinging to


|E      .   . .| D      .   . .|
+Giving it over, giving it over

*I was flat on my back, I'd slid `til it hurt
+Giving it over, giving it over
*You put my head in the clouds and my feet in good dirt
*My head in the clouds and my feet in good...

*Devils were crowding my head
*With lies they spread
*They'd convinced me of what fools know isn't true
*Quick as an Outkast rhyme you took me back in time
*Back to the first love I ever knew

+Giving it over, giving it over
*Got my broken heart healed and removed from its cast
+Giving it over, giving it over
*Yeah, I'm giving myself to a true love at last
*Giving myself to a true love at last
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                        [2/4]                      [4/4]
|B...|D     .     .    .|        .         .       |B..
        You don't know where the wind's gonna blow
      .      |D     .       .     
And since you can't take it with you
.     |D       .   .   .      |B..
better give it away before you go
    .|    D      .   . .|
Yeah, I'm giving it over

(Verses riff 4x)

*Greed is the word, it's a verb
*Wants to bind us all
*Bind us together like a platinum truss
+Giving it over, giving it over
*I'm putting my heart into treasures that don't rust
+Giving it over, Giving it over
*I'm giving it all to a face I can trust



||:   |E      .   . . |D      .   . .|A...|A...|   :||
       Giving it over, giving it over

(Repeat until end and fade out)

Chords used in this song:

    B   D   E   G   A    E <--(Use this E for the Verses*)

Music by Peter Furler and Steve Taylor / Lyrics by Steve Taylor
Copyright 2002 Dawn Treader Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)
Soylent Tunes (Admin. by integrated copyright group) / SESAC
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