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Newsboys - Break chords

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Artist: Newsboys
Song: Break
Album: Love Liberty Disco
Copyright 1999 Dawn Treader Music/SESAC/
Shepherd's Fold music/Campbell Music/BMI

G#                      C            C#
Don't go thinking I'm crazy, but my fear is it's
     G#                        C
too late.  Won't go making no trouble, cause I
C#                 G#
feel like I could break.
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              E          G#
All of those times I ran away, from all of those
E                G#                 E
things I used to say, all of those plans I made,
to give it all

              G#                C            C#
CHORUS: And I feel like I could break, and I feel
              G#                               C
like I could break.  Now it's more than I can take
       C#                G#
and I feel like I could break.

Riff played after chorus:

The rest of the song is just the same chords over different words
G# 4665xx
C  8 10 10 9xx
C# 9 11 11 10xx
E  0221xx
F# 2443xx
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