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Myslovitz - Sounds Of Solitude tab

Listen, It's me again (Y_g_p_G), I'm the one who wrote the first version of
Sounds of Solitude's chords, and I want to correct myself.

First, there are more then four chords in this song. the chords used:

F   - 133211
Dm  - xx0231
Am  - x02210
G   - 3x0003
Bb  - 688766
C   - x32010

Second, the verse goes like this:

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Bb              F              Dm
Yeah, perfect forever, always clever
         C                Bb
Should I be and I should feel
       F                   Am
Super cool but then I am a fool
But then it's not me

In the other verses you should use the same chords.

That's it, now you can play it right!

and write comments, please!
Chords by Y_g_p_G
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