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Myslovitz - Man Of Glass tab

Pretty sad song by one of the greatest polish bands.

Intro and Verse(you can play tab or chords):

        Am              F                C               G

Whole song:

Am         F                         C
Though the night's still glowing round
      G                   Am
Yet I know the day is bad
            F            C   G  Am
Pop stars in a paper bread
     F             C
And again I find my face
        G                   Am
All neglected, out of place
       F                 C       G
In my hair there is some spray

F Am C G (x2)

[ Tab from: ]
Am         F                 C
Now it's warm, I've lit the stove
           G                  Am
Burned my poems, feel so small
     F                C
My diploma's on the wall
         G                      Am
In the long jump - third place won
          F             C
There is no more use of me
         G              Am
So I'd better go to sleep
           F             C        G
Don't look at my photos, please!

F                     Am      C
There's nothing in my heart
No value any more
F                 Am      C
The redness of my blood
Is just a kind of joke
F               Am      C
And I want to forget
As often as I can
F                     Am      C
There's nothing in my heart
No value any more

F                      Am       C
And you should guard my dreams
Come any time you like
F                  Am      C
Those moments of my days
You'll hold within your hand
F                 Am   C
So do not cheer me up
I'll stand here all alone
F                     Am      C
There's nothing in my heart
No value any more

Chords are correct, they're not the same in verse and chorus.

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