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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Brave As A Noun chords

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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Brave as a Noun
People Who eat People are The Luckiest people in the world

** = strumming pattern such as in the intro.

Standard tuning: EADGBe

Sean uses all open chords in this and at most times, the partial barre chord of F. 
But it doesn't matter which ones, I guess. 

Intro: C**

I could go off  the deep end,

I can kill all my best friends.

I can follow those stylish  trends.

God knows I can make amends.

                C				    Am
But I've got an angry heart, filled with cancer and poppy tarts.

F					               G
If this is how you folks make art, well that's fucking depressing. 

Am	G
And it's sad to know

C		  F
that we are not alone
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Am				G
and it's sad to know there's no easy way out.


Im afraid to leave the house,

Im as timid as a mouse.

Im afraid if I go out

Ill out wear my welcome.

Im not a courageous man.

I dont have any big, lasting plans.

Too cowardly to take a stand,

I want to keep my nose clean.

Am             G         C            F					
And it's sad to know that we are not all alone in this,

Am  				G                     F
and its sad to know there's no honest way out.

Am              G         C            F
In this life we lead, we can conquer everything 

Am                               G
If we can just get the braves to get out of 
bed in the morning.
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