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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Jesus Saves tab

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This intro is also played after each chorus.

e -3-5-7-5-10-8-7-5-3-5-7-5-10-8-7-5-3
b -3-5-7-5-10-8-7-5-3-5-7-5-10-8-7-5-3

G                     D
There will come a day when our cells won't regenerate
    C                          G         D
and everyone you know will rot away, rot away
     G                       D
Your friends and enemies and all your family
   C                         G              D
we will all be buried in the ground, in the ground

   Em               G
So make the most of it.
C                   D
Life's too short to fuck with.

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G                    D
Once an hour a day I get very sad
C                    G     D
Once an hour a day I get depressed
G                      D
When that hour is over I start to feel okay
C                         G         D
because I'm reminded I'll rot away, rot away.

Em                G       C                 D
I don't have much time to hang out here and cry
Em                       G      C             D
and though that may feel nice I can't do that every day

G                                     D
I've had a lot of friends and they've done a lot of drugs
          C                         G         D
and those drugs made my friends rot away, rot away
G                             D
They say that Jesus saves but Jesus doesn't care
        C                      G           D
because he is in a grave, in a grave, in a grave

Em               G         C                         D
Let's be our own God, take care of ourselves and the ones that we love
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