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Aha - October tab

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Rocky Votolato
"October" - Burning My Travels Clean



::it's tuned half a step down::

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 C                                 F
Everyone will sing songs of lost mothers
  C                             F
Every debt will be paid in the end
 C                                     F
Lives lived will be brought back into focus
  C                                    F
As each one looses the place where it begins
Em                              Am
  Please tell them I said I'm sorry
        F              G
I knew not all that I did
  F                                   Am
This message carried hopefully will carry
           F                              G
Much more weight than words of men down here
  C                                       F
Feel your losses you'll know that it's October
  C                                     F
Stretched out short days eat you from within
  C                         F
Lives lived brought back homeward
C                  F
I'm leaving home again
Em                              Am  
  Please tell me it's not the last time
                  F                      G
Though that day awaits keep it far from here
F                                Am
There's still much work we've to get done
       F                                G
Your lighthouse is burning my travels clean
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