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Aha - I Call Your Name tab

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I Call Your Name:The Beatles.
A #1 hit for Billy J. Kramer. Beatles released their
version in '63 on the EP, Long Tall Sally.

A      A7                       F#7
I call your name but you're not there. 
         B7                E7
Was I to blame for being unfair?
            A7                                F#7
Oh, I can't sleep at night, since you've been gone. 
        B7            D          A
I never weep at night I can't go on.
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A7                                D
Well, don't you know I can't take it.
I don't know who can.
                 B      B7
I'm not goin' to ma..a..ake it,
        F            E    E7
I'm not that kind of ma...n.

E7          A7                           F#7
Oh, I can't sleep at night, but just the same,
I never weep at night,
  D         A      D           A
I call your name...I call your name.(x3)


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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