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Zwan - Friends As Lovers tab

Zwan – friends as lovers


(E)new York town (B)wasn't mine
(E)was it me, (B)or just my kind
(A)spinning softly, (F#m)talking cheap
(E)there’s no (B)place left to (A)be
(E)but a road (B)that just goes (A)on (F#m) (E)to everyone (B)leaving (A)town
(F#m)friends as lovers
love(D)rs as friends

(E)shall we dance (B)into the (A)night
(E)as the jukebox moans (B)and pours out time
(F#m)friends and lovers
(D)lovers and friends
(E)there’s no (B)place left to (A)be
(E)than wrapped (B)around your (A)eyes (F#m)
(E)and every (B)passing (A)town
(F#m)or stay as lovers
(D)or stay as friends
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(E)there’s no prayers
(B)for dashboard (A)light
(E)flagging goals
(B)you're missing sides
'cause (A)they say you are (F#m)the one
and (E)there’s no (B)place left to (A)be
(E)than where (B)you stand right (A)now (F#m)
(E)i know these (B)leaving (A)town
(F#m)us as lovers
(D)lovers as friends

(E)to your face
(B)to speak alone
(E)to your back
(B)among the proud
(A)we're friends with lovers
(F#m)lovers with friends
and (E)there’s no (B)place left to (A)be
(E)that can keep me (B)away from (A)you (F#m)
(E)on every (B)passing (A)train
(F#m)i see lovers
(D)i see friends

(E)darling boy
you’re (B)on my mind, she says
(E)i feel your skin
as if (B)it’s mine
(A)this pain it sweet
(F#m)too sweet to touch
and (E)there’s no (B)place left to (A)be
(E)in the (B)shadow of your lives
in (E)everyone (B)leaving (A)town
(F#m)friends as lovers
(D)lovers as friends

and (E)there’s no (B)place left to (A)be
than where (E)you are (B)right (A)now
(F)beside us leaving (A)town
(F#m)i'm your lover
(D)i'm your friend
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