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Zombina And The Skeletones - Bubblegum Machine tab

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 Bubblegum Machine - Zombina and the Skeletones
Tabbed by: PD


Unusual Chords:
Gmaj7: 320002
G6: 320000

Verse 1:

It's been a long time, baby
  D#m     G#m  F#   B
Is once a year enough
 D#m   G#m  F#    B 
Yes I'm still in love

G#m   E    A       B        D   E
      Got flowers for you

Verse 2:
(Same as Verse 1)

I'm still in mourning
But I don't wanna dig you up
Cos I don't wanna see you rot
While I still got you in my blood


G#m         B
Now I got restraint
    E            F#
And I got common sense
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G#m             B
Better than a restraining order
      E            F#
And a barbed wire fence


           Gmaj7     G6      D                   G                
It was on a night like this       when I got you that ring

Em                   C            A
     I knocked over a bubblegum machine

 Em                   A              D                  G
It's too big for your finger,baby,so put it around your neck

Em        Bm    A 
      And don't forget...

Bridge (Guitar solo)

G D G D     A

G D G D     A

("I knocked over a bubble gum machine" repeated )

G D B C     

Verse 3 and 4: 

It's been a long time
Since your little victim girlfriend face
In obituaries and missing ads was seen over the place
They didn't capture
The terror in your eyes
I'm sorry that you had to die in such an ugly way

Repeat Chorus
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