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Villagers - Twenty Seven Strangers chords

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Twenty Seven Strangers, a really simple one. Enjoy!

F            C
The bus was late
Am                   C
And forced us all to congregate
Am           C
Twenty-seven strangers
Made to stand and wait

F             C
The time went by
Am                  C    
The sun went down, a baby cried
Am       C              G
I just stood in line

(Same chords all the way through)

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But there is no cue
No stage hand saying what to do
And you are me
And I am you

The bus it came
And everybody loaded in
Twenty-seven strangers
In a moving can

The fluorescent light
Doubled everyone inside
The baby's face reflected
In the shopfronts in the sky

But faces change
And rules they all get rearranged
And photographs
All fade away

The bus broke down
At the graveyard on the edge of town
Twenty-seven strangers
Separate without a sound

So I walked home
Just feeling nothing on my own
Noticing that tree of yours
I've been watching it grow

So that's why I'm late
My dearest one what can I say
And tomorrow it could be the same
When I do it all again	
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