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Typecast - Escape The Hurt tab

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Escape The Hurt
The Infatuation Is Always There
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em - 022000
D -  xx0232
C -  x32010
B7 - x21212
G -  320033

Intro: Em-D-C-B7(hold) then C-D-Em-D-C-D-Em-G-C-B7-Em-D-C-B7-Em-D
C-B7-Em-D-C-B7-Em-D-C----B7(hold)  Em(plucking) 

Verse 1:
C   B7          Em   D C      B7        Em  D
  Impossible to match    I'll try to be calm
C B7           Em              D
  Blood stain screams out your name
C           B7                  Em D
  What if I try hard to take it off 

Interlude: C-B7-Em-D (x2)

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Verse 2:
C     B7                 Em D
  The moment is haunting me
C      B7                   Em  D
  So i sleep and escape the hurt
C        B7     Em     D
  Please try to be yourself
C          B7         Em    D
  I'll try hard to be myself 


Em                 C
  Tell me where it hurts
       Em                C
Show me I will take your pain and put it with my own
Em                       C
  Im losing my worthless breath Heal me
Em                   Em-D-C-B7(hold)        
  Im not strong like you 

Interlude: C-B7-Em-D-C-D-Em-G-C-D-Em-D-C-D-Em-G-C----B7(hold)---Em(plucking)

Em  D       C    
    Heal me now (x4)

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

Em                   C       
  Im not strong like you 

(Repeat Chorus)

End on Em
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