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Trampled By Turtles - Empire chords

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Capo on 2nd fret cord names are relative to capo location


G     [ch]B#m[/ch]                 Em  
    Its all that I remember
   G     D       C 
a sober night alone
G      [ch]B#m[/ch]         Em
and it took all I had
       G        D      C
not to call you on the phone
          D     G        C
know that I was made for you
         D       G     C    Em
There is nothing I can do about it

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Just repeat this pattern for the rest of the song its pretty easy

The rest of they lyrics:

I ran outside the bar
ringing in my ears
and i don't understand
it's been that way for years
you know the world will fall apart
if you broke another heart

coats are 'round in hiding
and up against the wall
your guns were made of iron
and he came and saved us all
pick it up and take it out
in a world of hell and doubt

listen to the liars
as they run the world
holiest empires
but nothing lasts for sure
can you help me turn it off
well it's all i could ever want	
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