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Trampled By Turtles - The One To Save tab

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Capo 4th fret (how I figured it out anyway)

Intro x1
C    F   Am   F   G   C

C                      F        C
Sometimes I wish I was dead and gone
Would not walk this world no more
    F                    C      Am
And all my troubles will pass away
     C            G        C
As I walk through Heavenís door

C                F        C
As long as I can remember now
Been out here all my own
   F                    C       Am
Oh how I was wish I was in your arms
   C       G    C
To rest my achy bones
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      F             C
Canít put me in the water
      F            G
Canít put me in my grave
       C               F         Am
But no matter what you want from me
  F         G      C
I ainít the one to save

Itís lonely in a border town
Where no one knows your name
Iíll spin this world right into the ground
ĎTil only light remains

When doors are shut for you my dear
You simply bring them down
But I just sit there biding my time
Until the keys just came around

Chorus x1

Banjo Solo x1
Mandolin Solo x1

Thereís holy ghosts and blinded eyes
Theyíre riding for my soul
I ain't the man that you thought you knew
I ain't that man no more

Remember when we owned it all
Those days went by so slow
But all those times are passed and gone
And I got nowhere to go

Chorus x2

   C               F         Am
No matter what you want from me
  F         G      C
I ain't the one to save

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