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Toto - After Youve Gone chords

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Song: After You've Gone
Performer: TOTO
Album: Mindfields (1999)
Written By: S. Lukather/P. Soussan
Tabbed by: Erik Lovric --

I couldn't find the chords for this song anywhere,
so I decided to write them myself.
As this is my first time I tab a song, I am open to corrections,
suggestions, critics and comments...

For any feedback please refer to my mail, however bear in mind I am no LUKE:)

Chords used:

    Bm7	     E7	     G       A       F#

e |--2--   --0--   --3--   --0--   --2--
B |--3--   --0--   --0--   --2--   --2--
G |--2--   --1--   --0--   --2--   --3--
D |--4--   --0--   --0--   --2--   --4--
A |--2--   --2--   --2--   --0--   --4--
E |--2--   --0--   --3--   --0--   --2--

     G5      A5      E       B      F#m

e |-----   -----   --0--   --2--   --2--
B |-----   -----   --0--   --4--   --2--
G |-----   -----   --1--   --4--   --2--
D |--5--   --7--   --2--   --4--   --4--
A |--5--   --7--   --2--   --2--   --4--
E |--3--   --5--   --0--   --2--   --2--

There might, of course, be some variations in the chords.
When asterisks appear next to a chord, look at the bottom for clarifications...

Bm7  E7 (2x)

[Verse 1]
   	      Bm7        E7
You're just a mile away
	     Bm7   		   E7
One thousand five tiny steps from here
But if I brought you near
A	     E7		 Bm7   E7  Bm7
Would you believe when I say

[ Tab from: ]
[Verse 2]
	      Bm7	 E7
It seems like yesterday
	     Bm7                      E7
That I could reach out and touch your face
But as I fall from grace
A	   E7	       Bm7   E7  Bm7
Into whose arms can I lay

[Bridge 1]
F#			   G5 \ A5 / G5*  F#
   It's always much too late
   We get the signs
F#       		G5 \ A5 / G5*  F#
   We can't communicate
   		G    A**
   Or turn back time

B  		   F#m
   So what will be now
   Do you feel somehow
             E				B
   Not so together and not quite as strong
   Now I believe
   D		 A		F#m
   Alone doesn't have to mean lonely
   E             Bm7
   After you've gone

[Verse 3]
I need a healing wind
To cool the flame burning in my sight
It must accelerate
For two wrongs they don't make a right

[Bridge 2]
And all these solitaires,
lone victories
Wars fought in isolation,
with none to please


[Instrumental break]
Bm7  E7  G  E7 (2x)

[Bridge 3]
The future's still uncertain
The past is done


Now I believe
Alone doesn't have to mean lonely
After you've gone

Now I believe
Alone doesn't have to mean lonely
After you've gone

G5 \ A5 / G5*
either play each power chord once (fastly) or, better,
slide up to A5 and back down

A** (you should play something like...)

e |--------------------------|
B |--3--2--0-----------------|
G |--2--------2--------------|
D |--2-----------------------|
A |--------------------------|
E |--------------------------|


e |--2-----------------------|
B |--2-----------------------|
G |--2-----------------------|
D |--4-----------------------|
A |--4--------0--4-----------|
E |--2--2--4-----------------|

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