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Thompson Richard - Down Where The Drunkards Roll tab

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From: (Julie Hayne)
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1993 11:50:26

Richard Thompson
Transcribed by Phil Saunders
(capo 3rd fret to play with record.  Song is recorded in Bb,
but written here in G)
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See the boys out walking
    C                G
The boys who look so fine
C                   G
Dressed up in green velvet
C                    G
Their silver buckles shine
Soon they'll be bleary-eyed
D              C
Under a keg of wine

C/G                      D
Down where the drunkards roll
C/G                      D
Down where the drunkards roll

See that lover standing
Staring at the ground
He's looking for the real thing
Lies were all he found
You can get the real thing
It will only cost a pound

There goes a troubled woman
She dreams a troubled dream
She lives out on the highway
She keeps her money clean
Soon she'll be returning
To the place where she's the queen

You can be a gambler
Who never drew a hand
You can be a sailor
Who never left dry land
You can be lord Jesus
All the world will understand
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