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The Veronicas - Lolita chords

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Hey! So this is one of my first tabs but I'm pretty sure it's accurate! Any problems, 
please tell me.
Please also check out this youtube channel from my friend and I-
We will be putting a cover up of this song soon.... (;

NOTE: the intro isn't perfect but it's okay if you're a beginner and you want a little intro.

*= if there is a star next to the chord, it means strum the chord only once.



G---------------------------------|  < PLAY 4 TIMES
D---------------------------------|  <

         G         A       Bm
From the mouths of apes to power of men
     G           A         Bm
I'll make it all new again
        G             A          Bm
Hold my hand, hold my hand cos I can't touch the ground
      G      A          Bm
The carousel goes around, round, round
      G        A            Bm
The addiction, friction, it burns you alive
    G          A       Bm
So illegal, no evil is seen with these eyes
        G           A           Bm
I won't tell if you want it, I will if you want
 G         A             Bm
Nothings a secret, don't care if it's wrong
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          G*     A*         Bm*
I'm your Lolita, Le Femme Nikita
            G*              A*         Bm*
When we're together, you'll love me forever
             G*       A*          Bm*
You're my possession, I'm your obsession
              G*          A*         Bm
Don't tell me never, I'll love you forever
Bm     C     Bm
    Oh oh oh oh x4

G               A         Bm
Doomed from the start, we can't stay apart
G            A         Bm
Everywhere I turn I'm trapped in your heart
G          A               Bm
There's no escape, secrets keep you awake
   G         A        Bm
No running away, no saving the day
 G         A            Bm
Wild and exciting I'm breaking you down
         G        A             Bm
You're making a comeback, I'm taking your crown
G         A      Bm
Nursery rhymes I sing in my dreams
     G           A                 Bm
I'm lost in the woods and you're baring your teeth


Bm          C            Bm             C
Always stay close to me, don't think of leaving
Bm             C        Bm
Don't promise, I will keep, a secret (secret secret)


Bm            C           Bm             C
Always stay close to me, don't think of leaving
Bm             C           Bm*
Don't promise, I will keep, a secret (secret secret)
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