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The Veronicas - Did Ya Think chords

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Capo on 3rd

Intro: Bm

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Verse 1: Do Intro riff
Bm(all the way)
  She asked if you could stay 
Did ya think about me when 
You almost turned away 
Did you think about me when 
You picked up the phone 
Should have let it just ringing 
And made it seem like everything 
Was the same as it had always been 

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Did ya think about me being
G        A    Em
half awake and crying
Bm                 G
Lying on the floor and
                A        Em          
waiting for the break of day
Didn't think about
        G  E/G# 
tearing me apart
At any moment
in the night
you could have
tried to make it right

(Repeat Intro) 

Verse 2:
Bm(all the way)
  Now in an after thought 
Were you thinking about me 
Don't know what you did it for 
'Cuz you were thinking about you so 
You want me to believe 
You were thinking about me 
Isn't hard for me to see 
you didn't stop for anything 

(Repeat Chorus)

Give me one good reason why in
D                        C
time I should believe in you
You had me you had it everything
So close your eyes and
remember all those lies
That you never say when
you pretend that you
                 Bm(Repeat intro)
Will be with me again

(Repeat chorus twice)
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