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The Summer Set - Chelsea chords

I don't know all the lyrics because I cant find them anywhere, but ill show u what i do 
and you let me know if i should do any corrections (:



Verse is: E, xx22xx, x466xx, x244xx

those are what is played the whole time, and i honestly don't feel like marking them 
on when your supposed to strum, but you guys are probably much better at guitar than I am 
im sure if i figured it out, you can without a problem.

Verse 1:
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Lets take this back 2005 drinks are pourin girls so fine

So many dimes got dollar signs and there she goes, right on the spot

Got a taste so sweet i swear this beat will make you wanna drop

She wears a new Dress everyday, no she won't stop makin the crowd say I cant

hear anything and hey HEY it's missalain again, again


Chelsea Chelsea tell me you love me

Chelsea Chelsea are you feelin me now

Chelsea Chelsea I think it's 'bout time we get down, get down

I want more

Verse 2:

I wrote her a song not Delilah not Kelsey, and they're both in my phone

but I dropped them for Chelsea

Hey hey what you say, you've been looking today

Lets go on outta blah blah i dont know the words here
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