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The Front Bottoms - Rhode Island chords

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This should be pretty right. If you want it to be completely true to the song, then play 
everything as power chords. The C/B should be (starting from the high E)


F Em C for the verses. Start singing about halfway through the C chord. It's a lot 
easier to figure out by ear than if I put it down for you, trust me.

I wonder how that bike trip's going

I wonder if the government knows he's hiding

It'll probably take a few more months

Florida's a long way from Rhode Island

I watch her rest her hands inside her lap

I try to focus hard cause her eyes don't make the frame

I try to work up the courage to kiss the bottom half of her face
Amora cut her hair in Baltimore right before I left

I watch her sitting by herself talking to herself
Breathing calmly, then trying to catch her breath

F        G                         C
Casanova just can't turn the charm on
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Or find any of the right vibrations
F                 G                  C
I know these women if he don't wanna do it
Then they are probably just gonna make him
F                  G
You can never tell when they're fucking around

Back to F Em C

Everything you're feeling is common

Even though you never felt so alone

I could probably catch a ride to your house

and borrow a bike to get back home

She says "You gotta promise not to break,

no matter how far you are bent"

She says I gotta shift my position

and try to get comfortable again

We both chose the same tone

Mine was an alarm clock ringing from a cell phone

Now the words to me so we can keep things quiet

And I'll still know exactly what you mean

OH OH OHH OH OHO HOHOH HOH it's just C and F, then back to the chorus.

And it is probably just my friends fucking around

Yeah it is probably just my friends fucking around

They never cut me any slack

It's just my friends fucking around
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