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The Fratellis - For The Girl Acoustic tab

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well she said i know but i just can't tell
everything you've just been saying
lucy was there aswell
the kids in the band were playing

no one can hear a word i tell
what the girl was singing
see she must've been 16 or 18
i'm just past caring
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C                  Am
she was into the stones when
Dm             C    G
i was into the ro--ses
C                    Am
she was breaking  my bones when
Dm                  C   G
i was busting their no--ses
C                   Am
she would tell me a secret
Dm                  C    G
i would lose it the next day
C                      Am
young love pleases you easy
Dm                  C   G
makes you sick in a bad way

E                 Am
all the while the girls sang
E               Am
la la la la and she sang
E               Am
kickings for my sweetheart
E              Am   G     F
bruises that i just don't miss

and she said "i can't love you anymore than this!"

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