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The Courteeners - Social Fireworks chords

helloo dudes and dudettes :)
this song is a B-side to you over did it doll but it should be released as a 
single as i think it is imense :)
im pretty sure the chords are about 100% right if theres any corrections dont 
abuse the tab just comment thank you !

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this is like what would be guitar 2 but it starts the song :)
B----------------------------|                **where it goes 9-9 etc it  
G----------------------------|                  same pattern but it looked   
D---99997----111111119-------|              weird with the 11 
E---77775----9-9-9-9-7-------|   this is repeated threw out the song unitl later on

after going threw guitar 2 parts twice in kicks guitar 1 with distortion on
B---------------------------|                **where it goes 9-9 etc it  
G---99997----111111119------|                   same pattern but it looked   
D---99997----111111119------|                    weird with the 11 

thats about it and where the songs dies down and turns into a build it is just 
each power chord (if ya get me). if not just say in comments and ill put it in :) 
right thats the chords im working on the rest of the song now
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