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The Courteeners - Bide Your Time tab

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You can work out the rhythm easily, the other tabs are completely wrong!


The temptation Is all to great And now it's gone........

D	A	Em

Same chords here too.

You wait 51 weeks Through all of your hides And all of your seeks

D	A	Em

Keep playing the above untill "derives".

		G		A
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That your attention derives From the girlfriend That you left at home Sitting In
the living room All alone


D	              A   	         D		       A

You hate the suntan, and you cant stand to be round, the short sleeved man

D		A		   G	A

And the gaggle of girls that are singing to loud, they did my head in

End of Chorus

A			    G        A		

They're making you Scared to be proud And your scared to be proud
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