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The Allman Brothers Band - Back Where It All Begins tab

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	      Back Where It All Begins - The Allman Brothers Band
Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

Chords Used:

  A   D   E

Intro: A D E D (repeat 3 times)

A       D            E        D
Say you want to be a rolling stone
A        D               E      D
Get your sail out in the wind
A              D           E         D
Get out on the highway and it'll roll on
A       D           E          D
Roll on back to someplace you ain't never been

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A          D             E          D
When I was younger I was hard to hold
A                 D           E                               
Seemed like I was always goin which ever way the wind would blow
A        D               E        D
Now that timeless feelin calls me again
A         D               E         D
Callin me back to where it all begins


Moon rising sun go down
Turn my whole world around
See a star up in the sky
Tell my sweet baby please don't cry


repeat chorus

A      D              E       D
Travel out across the burning sand
A         D        E            D
Cross the ocean to some distant land
A               D             E             D
Where we'll all be singin and we'll all be friends
A          D            E       D
Carryin us back to where it all begins

Repeat chorus

Outro: Verse Chords
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