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The Allman Brothers Band - Old Before My Time chords

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-----0----  0---------0------0---0------0-----1~----------0------------------|
--- 2--0---2---------2--0---2---2--2---2------0~----------0------------------|
-3-------------1------------- 0---------------------------0------------------|

Em                                              D         C
There is a long hard Road that winds so far behind me,
G                           Am  C
Its so cold Im about to die,
Chasing a dream around the world
D                        C
Has got me feeling down
G               F              C
Though it use to make me high
Am                 D          Am             Em
Looking for answers searching for the truth,
C        B/G        Am
In an ocean of lies.
D                      G              Am               Em
trying to find a reason to make the whole thing rhyme,
C                       D            G
will make you old before your time

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When I was younger,
D                             C
I thought I ruled the world ,
G                            Am   C
It was an oyster at my feet,
Dancing to my own drum,
D                    C
fishing out the pearl
G                            F             C
wish I could have been much more discreet
Am             D
Ive lived a lifetime,
Am               Em
acting out a part,
C              B/G             Am
Its been a long uphill climb,
D                G                          Am      Em
now all the things that use to mean so much to me
C                        D       G
Have made me old before my time,

C                                 G   F#/G
Wondering aimlessly,wondering aloud,
Em         C                    D
could it ever be much different now,
Remind me of the past,
G                    F#/G
I slip into a dream,
Em                C                     D
funny things aint never what they seem,

same as verse  

Living like children,
           D                   C
never doing what we are told ,
G                                   Am  C
Would not hesitate to take a chance,
Em                                              D     C
That Road behind me now was paved with fools gold,
G              F                       C
Its almost time for the victory dance,
Am                      D
No more feeling guilty,
Am                       Em
for things I never did,
C           B/G                  Am
feeling nothing for my crime ,
D                   G
Living like a gypsy ,
Am                    Em
dreaming like a kid, 
C                     D         G
Has made me old before my time

There is a long hard Road, it lies so far behind me
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