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54-40 - Crossing A Canyon tab

Crossing a canyon - 5440
Transcribed by Richard Sibley.
Feel free to email me at!

This is a popular song by a kick-ass Canadian band.
I've seen basic transcriptions for this song, but
nothing as complete as what follows.

Here are the basics of the song.  As always, listen to
the song to understand and hear exactly what is going on.
The transcription may not be exact, but I think it's pretty close.

LEGEND: [Chorus] means "Chorus" is being defined
        (Chorus) means to play the already defined "Chorus"
        {} are used to specify remarks
[Intro] {Guitar 1 - Clean electric guitar, open chords}
[D]/ / / [A]//
[G]// / / [A]// [G]/ x2

[Verse 1]
[D]Sitting on the edge a[A]top a [G]canyon [A] [G]
[D]I'm a piece of time [A]too small to [G]name [A] [G]
[D]There's a sign [A]that's hanging [G]over me [A] [G]
[D]Let me disappear [A]and try a[G]gain [A] [G]

{Enter Guitar 2 - electric guitar w/ distortion}
[Guitar 2 - Riff 1]

[D]I'm no prophet [A]but I've [G]seen things [A] [G]
[D]When right and wrong [A]become [G]too close [A] [G]
[D]In that moment [A]of my [G]greatness [A] [G]
[D]I become afraid [A]and watch it [G]go  [A] [G]
[ Tab from: ]
[Chorus] {Enter drums, bass, guitar 2 continues Riff 1,
Guitar 1 switches to power chords and distortion}
[D]And the day [A]is [G]long [A]
[D]And the bridge [A]is [G]gone [A]
[D]And the riv[A]er has [G]washed away [A]
[D]The road[A] I'm [G]on
[A]Only [G]road I [D]know

(Intro) {Bass leaves, Guitar 2 lets ring to fade}

[Verse 2]
[D]Everybody's [A]got a [G]problem [A] [G]
[D]Something to do [A]with self [G]control [A] [G]
[D]You gotta tell [A]somebody [G]if you got one [A] [G]
[D]You can't pretend [A]you didn't [G]know  [A] [G]

{Enter Guitar 2 - Riff 1}
[D]Staring out [A]across the [G]canyon [A] [G]
[D]My eyes won't [A]tell me what to[G] see [A] [G]
[D]If I let [A]go I could be [G]floating [A] [G]
[D]From the river [A]to the [G]sea [A] [G]


[Bridge] {Accent where chords are shown}
[D]If I let go [D/F#]I [D/F#]could [G]be [G]floating
[D]From the riv[D/F#]er [D/F#]to [G]the [G]sea

[Guitar solo]

            [D|G]       [A]       [D]      [A]        [G]    **  [A]
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|---------------------- |
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|-----------7-----7~~~~ |
-----7-9-|:-7~~~-9-7~~~-----7-9-:|-7~~-9-7~~---------|-7~~-------9b11--9b11~ |
-7h9-----|:-------------7h9-----:|-----------9~~-7h9-|-----9-7~~------------ |
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|---------------------- |
---------|:---------------------:|-------------------|---------------------- |

[D]        [A]  [G]         [A]  [D]      [A]  [G]           [A]
---------------|----------------|-------------|------------- {  repeat  }-|
~--7~~~~~~-----|-7-----7~~~~~~--|-X--7~~~~~~--|-X--7~~~~~~-- { begining }-|
~--9b11~~~-----|-9b11--9b11~~~--|-X--9b11~~~--|-X--9b11~~~-- {of solo to}-|
---------------|----------------|-------------|------------- { ** while }-|
---------------|----------------|-------------|------------- {chorus is }-|
---------------|----------------|-------------|--------------{  played  }-|


[A]Only [G]road I [D]know

{Drums continue while fading out}
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