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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Theres No Night Out In The Jail chords

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         F                        C        
Well you dream of blondes and you dream of beer
    F                  C
And life gets terribly stale
     F                           C
It's dead in the morgue but it's deader in here
There's no night out in the jail

The fellas I knew must all miss me now
I guess I better come clean
    F                      C
I'm sweating it out in the boot me boys
An un-paying guest of the queen

Well this prison life sure suits me fine
I lead a decent life
   F                C
At last my days are organized
Outside it's nothing but strife

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Me cobbers inside are just normal blokes
Who lead rather colorful lives
Like breaking and entering and stealing cars
And just not supporting their wives

Well some blokes just like collecting things
And some like guzzling beer
Well some blokes just can't resist a fight
And some keep getting ideas


I'm working the farm it's a healthy life
I jump outta bed with a spring
The tukka's not bad I get lots of sleep
So who'd wanna change with the king?

No unemployment scares me now
And even when I am tired
I know I'm on a cushy job
For sure I can never be fired


Me creditors just don't annoy me now
Me wife has to get off my back
Me mother-in-law had to drown herself
Who said the outlook is black?

Nothing now can worry me
Behind these prison walls
Just like a bull of pedigree
I'm locked up at night in the stalls

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