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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Your Funeral My Trial chords

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F              Am
I am a crooked man
         F                Am
And I've walked a crooked mile
Em                   G
Night, the shameless widow
           Am      G Em Dm
Doffed her weeds, in a pile
    Em    F   G
The stars all winked at me
     Em    F   G
They shamed a child
                 F    G
Your funeral, my trial 
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F                 Am
One thousand Marys lured me
     F                 Am
Into gulleys damp with clover
Em                G
Bird with crooked wing cast
Am   G      Em   Dm
Its wicked shadow over
    Em      F   G
A bauble moon did mock
    Em         F   G
And trinket stars did smile
            F     G
Your funeral, my trial 

Here I am, little lamb,
Let all the bells in whoredom ring
All the crooked bitches that she was
Mongers of pain
Saw the moon
Become a fang
Your funeral, my trial
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