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Newsboys - Glorious chords

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Im not 100% sure but it sounds right

Intro- F-C-F-C
          Am              G
And if I sing out in the dark of night
Or praise You in the light of dawn
Am                 G             F
Hear my song and lift me on Your wings
         Am              G
And if I worship You in solitude
Or join a choir 10,000 strong
Am                 G           F
Hear my song ‘til all creation sings
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 C                     F
Glorious, shining so glorious
Though I stumble, though I fall
You remain glorious.
Towards Your light
         G               F
I come running, I come running
Into Your arms
         G               F
I come running, I come running.

You have searched me
You have known my heart
You’ve heard my every anxious thought
Hear my song, it’s all I have to bring
And though the battles come
This much is known:
The victory’s won by You alone
Hear my song, my Savior and my King

Repeat chorus

I didnt get one part of the song lol but besides that its the same.
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