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Newsboys - Shine chords

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Shine by Newsboys
 Verse 1:
F                                                         G/E
Dull as dirt you canít assert the kind of light that might persuade a
           Am/G                             Am
Strict dictator to retire fire the army teach the poor origami
           F                                                            G
The truth is in the proof is when you hear your heart start askiní
Whatís my motivation
And try as you may there isnít a way to
        G/E                                                         Am/G
Explain the kind of change that would make an eskimo renounce fur that
Would make a vegetarian barbecue hamster
  F                                           G
ĎLess you can trace this about-face to a certain sign
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   C                                                     F
Shine make Ďem wonder what youíve got
                                               C/Am                                  F
Make Ďem wish that they were not on the outside lookiní bored
   C                                       F
Shine let it shine before all men
                                          C/Am                               F
Let Ďem see good works and then let Ďem glorify the Lord

Verse 2:
F                                                                  G/E
Out of the shaker and onto the plate it isnít karma it sure ainít fate
That would make a deadhead sell his van that would make a
Schizophrenic turn in His crayons
F                                                   G
Oprah freaks and science seeks a rational that shall
Excuse this strange behavior
When you let it shine you will inspire the
            G/E                                                    Am/G
Kind of entire turn around the would make a bouncer take ballet
(Even bouncers who arenít.. happy)
But out of the glare with nowhere to turn
You ainít gonna learn it on whatís my line

Repeat Chorus
(Iím gonna let it shine x4)
Shine,   Shine,
Repeat Chorus
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