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Newsboys - Ill Be chords

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These chords are 99% correct. I'm a big perfectionist when it comes to guitar and
so i always wanna play a song the EXACT same way the original artist's do...  I
found a youtube vid. of the newsboys doing it acoustically and i can see his
fingers... what i can see is his finger picking he does in the verses after
"Thinking things" (first verse)But u can just strum the first part of the intro
through that. Also the camera goes away from Jody (the guitarist) on the bridge so
idk how the bridge goes

Heres the video i got it all from = )

I’ll Be –Newsboys



Am7= X02210
F= 1332XX
Am7= XX201X
D6sus4= XX000X
G=3554XX    (IMPORTANT: this second G is ONLY at the end of the chorus on "I'll"
the normal G is everywhere else)


E---------------| RIGHT AFTER THAT he strums a C, Am7, D6sus4.

So its riff, C, Am7, D6sus4 x2

Verse-  Cadd4, C, Am, G

Chorus- Cadd4, C, Am, G

Bridge- C, ???

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         Cadd4 C
If you're sinking
           Am       G
If you're losing control
           Cadd4 C      Am         G
And your heartache is takin' it's toll
           Cadd4                C
Thinking things you've never thought before
       Am         G
Like you're all alone
            Cadd4  C         G
Afraid that love won't come home


Cadd4            C
You will find me
             Am              G
I'm at the point of your breaking
Cadd4   C         G
Behind all the noise
Cadd4           C
When your world is
Am                   G
Darkest I can still see
Cadd4              C Am7      F
Cause when there's nothing left
G    C
I'll be

Cadd4, Am, G

Cadd4, C, Am, G


Like a small town
Talk is getting around
Now that you've found
A friend can still bring you down

And when their faith in you comes crashing down
Know that I'm still yours
I'll be the hope that endures


I'll be the light to help you find

All the things you left behind

Wondering will love come back

I'll be whispering you're still mine

When loneliness invades your mind

You're gonna be all right
        Cadd4  C
You will find  me
            Am              G
I'm at the point of your breaking
 Cadd4  C        G
Behind all the noise

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