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Newsboys - In The Hands Of God drum

 In The Hands of God

 This is my first tab and I just want to say that drumming is all about how you feel and
ever I right here is just how i like to drum this song each drummer is different so go
and change the beat and make it more interesting once you have figured it out. Great 
for beginners. When I'm just learning to play a new instrument I don't want to play
like Old Mc Donald had a farm when I'm learning it. I want to play a song that I like 
this song is great for that.
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H=High Hat        R=Ride Cymbol
S=Snare Drum      C1= Crash Cymbol 1
B=Bass Drum

H  |xxxx|  Verses
S  |--o-|
B  |o---| That same beat for 32 measures
C1 |----|
R  |----|


H  |----|
S  |--o-|
B  |o---|
C1 |---o|
R  |xxxx|

  Only use the Crash Symbol when he says in the hand of God and at end of Chorus. Hit
on God. Like I said this is a really easy song but that dosn't mean you can't have fun
it. Like I said go ahead and add in your own beats once you've learned this that what I 
with any easy song. Also try listening to the song on your I-Pod, radio, or CD to try and
it out like that. Thanks have fun!
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