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Neko Case - If You Knew tab

  Song: If You Knew
Artist: Neko Case
 Album: The Tigers Have Spoken

This is my first attempt, so please be kind!
Ms. Case is a rather obscure artist that gets some airplay
on Americana radio stations. She has a very "big" voice and
performs in the old-time country and alternative country
genres. I found this song to be particularly haunting and
almost dream-like. So much so, I felt compled to chord it
for any of her guitar-playing fans that might want it. The
instumentals on the CD are by The Sadies and are very
compelling, though not particularly intricate. Lots of
reverb and perhaps a Chorus stomp box. I found it especially
interesting that none of the lines in this song ryhme!
I didn't realize that until I wrote down what I think I
heard ...

Chorded By: SteveSchecter Feb 18, 2005


Em  G  Em  G  D  Em  Em  


Em               G      Em                 G      
If you knew what I know you wouldn't go to see her.

D                Em                   C                   G
And least of all believe her when she says that she wants you.

[Verse 1]
[ Tab from: ]
Em                  G                 C            G
You're just another puppet. She's not even keeping score.

        C            C                    G    D
And the lazy way she cheats you leaves me co---ld.

             Em                          G                C       G
She'll laugh about it with her best friend. But you don't know.

[Repeat Chorus]


G   Em   G   D   Em   G   Em   G   D   Em

[Verse 2]

    C                  G             C                  G
She spends her daddy's money and she drives her daddy's car.

           C            C                    G     D        
And what's crazy is the way you think that's sty---le.

            Em                         G          C           G       G
And all the while my heart is breaking you're not even on her mind.

[Verse 3]

Em                     G      Em                G
Cause if you knew what I know then you wouldn't leave me.

             Em             Em                       Em               Em      
You wouldn't turn away from my love, that's what you said that you believe in.

D               Em      C             C                   
I say this as a friend; You'll be the poor boy in the end.


G   D   C   C   G
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