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Murderdolls - Rambo tab

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                      This Is RAMBO Chords
                      This Is Only The Song No Solo            

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E5              F#    X2
Blow em up like Rambo
He is a killing machine, 
E5                       F#
He's the best combat vet that you've ever seen,
And now he's all alone
E5                     F#          
and what you call hell he calls home,
he was just walking the streets,
E5                   F#
Some cop had to push his authority,
He just wanted some lunch,
E5                               F#                         
But when they fucked with Rambo, they fucked up,

R.A.M.B.O              X2
E5              F#
Blow em up like Rambo
You need an army against this man,
E5                      F#
And don't forget a good supply of body bags,
one thing he'll say to you,
E5        F#
"Murdock, i'm coming after you"

R.A.M.B.O             X2
Blow em up like Rambo 
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