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Minus The Bear - My Time tab

This tab is fairly simple, it basically alternates between two riffs the entire time.

Riff 1

e ----------------------------------------------------|
B --------3----/-----5----5---5-------3---------------|
G --------4----/-----6----6---6-------4---------------|
D --------4----/-----6----6---6-------4---------------|
A --------x----/-----x----x---x-------x---------------|
E --------x----/-----x----x---x-------x---------------|
repeat throughout song

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The other guitar plays the melody. This can be played at the same time with one guitar. 
riff is not absolute; it varies throughout the song. Play around with it at different parts.

Riff 2

e -------------12p10-------------10h12--(12)-(12)-(10)-|
B ----10h12------------10h12---------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------------------|
D -----------------------------------------------------|
A -----------------------------------------------------|
E -----------------------------------------------------|

x - do not play
/ - slide
h - hammer on
p - pull off

Have fun!

Tab arranged by Sam Heavenrich.
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