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Matthew Good - 99 Of Us Is Failure chords

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Matthew Good
99% Of Us Is Failure
Hospital Music
Acoustic - World Cafe Live in Philadelphia March 6, 2012 version

Half step down capo 2nd fret/standard capo 1st fret
*All chords are guides and are sporatically altered throughout the song listen and watch 
matt if you want it more exact.*

Bm x24432
F# 244322
G 320033
D x00323
Asus4 x02230  last line of prechorus x07650 or x07750 personally I like the second better
F/G 2x0230
Em7 x22030
C* x54030
C x32010

Bm F# G D Asus4
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Bm F#       G   D Asus4
I know that its bad
  Bm         F#        G          D   Asus4
That its the kind that they can't opperate on

G F/G      Asus4
I know its real slow honey
G F/G Asus4
Painful and real slow.

When we were young
And hit like hammers
D                      Asus4
I'd write the nails in your hands
        Em7     G
But when 99% of us is failure
D               Asus4
There's no going back.

G                  C*
Blackbird come the break of dawn
    G          C*
The TV's on, I turn it off
C                 G
Walk outside, get in the car
C                     G          C*
Stare at the wheel and fall apart.

Tabbed by Kat. Please rate or comment! Feedback helps!
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