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Lou Reed - Hookywooky tab

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Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 19:55:37 -0400

"HookyWooky" by Lou Reed from Set the Twilight Reeling

d= single note
D= chord
You can figure out the strumming pattern by listening to the record.

intro: d d d d, etc.
      G                                         A
I'm standing with you on your roof

                        d d d d, etc.
Looking at the chemical sky
[ Tab from: ]
       G                          A                                d d d
All purple blue and oranges, some pigeons flying by

          G                                       A                     d d
d, etc.
The traffic on Canal Street's so noisy it's a shock

       G                                      A                          d d
d d, etc.
Someone's shooting fireworks or a gun on the next block.

d d d d d   G           A                         d d d d, etc.
A-a-and, I wanna HookyWooky with you.

G                                       A
Traffic's so noisy it's a shock,

 D                                         G
sounds like fireworks or a gun on the next block

A                           d d d d d, etc.
HookyWooky with you.

That's really all there is to the whole song. the last verse is a little
different, but easy to figure out once you have the chords.
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