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Guy Sebastian - All I Need Is You tab

""All I Need Is You"
Guy Sebastian, 2003 Australian Idol
Tabbed By: Miggz

D	 Dsus2
You are, you're all that I Need
D	 Dsus2
You are, you're all that I Need 

D	   A/C#	      Bm	   A
I remember in the day being all so independent
Bm		A		E/G#		F#m-E/G#-A	
I remember how I'd say I could never fall I was cynical
D		A/C#
Funny now I'm in a daze
Bm		   A
Since you came into my life
Bm		A
Now I'll never be the same
E/G#		       F#m-E/G#-A
Baby I'm amazed by the love you gave

Finally I can see
F#m	                   Dsus2       E
What life really means to me, to me babe
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	      Dsus2		A
All I need is you in my life forever
	      Dsus2		F#m
All I need is you everyday by my side
       E	Dsus2			  A				
Got to let you know you're the one that I treasure
	Bm		     C#m	D
I could search the world but never find
	 Bm		      C#m     D	  E
A better love that is between you and I
		  D-Dsus2 (intro chords)
All I need is you

(Chords same as Verse1)
When I look into your eyes
There's a feeling that I can't explain
That is when I realise
That all I desire is to be by your side
Now whenever I'm alone
I wonder how I lived without you
Should've known all along
That my only world is you in it girl

Finally I can see
What a life really means to me yeah, to me Yeah


Bm			F#m
How did I find such a love so surreal
	  C		     G
When I've only done a little right
Bm			F#m
Now I can see that it can't be deserved
	 C	                 Esus
And the freedom that you give is mine

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