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Guy Sebastian - Dont Worry Be Happy chords

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This is my first tab but I think it sounds pretty good (:

I was driving, driving, driving down the 101

Singing California Dreaming at the top of my lungs

   A                             D
Unaware, Not a care and then he appeared.

Thought he was winding down his window just to say hello

But he started cussing at me saying I'm going too slow

       A                                   D
Then he yelled, Go to hell and flipped me the bird.

Is it really that bad? Really that bad?

I don't think it's really that bad

Come on, get with it.

If you only think of things that you haven't got

You could have it all and still never have enough
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    Em             G
So don't worry, be happy.

And if you're trying to make a move but you're stuck in mud

Underwater and you don't know which ways up

     Em           G
Don't worry, be happy.

Another day, Another plane, Another interview
Just trying hard to get through my list of things to do.
What's the Use? 
Might fake the flu cause I've had enough.

That's it screw the low carbs, where's my KFC?
Ain't gonna think about the bills or the GFC
Life is short, live it up cause we live it once.



      Em                                     G
Yeah life is short, we on-ly get to live it once

So live, and love and give it all you've got.

Yeah life is short, we only live it once,

So live it up.      X2

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