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Gary Jules - Bluefish tab

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The whole song is just E for one bar, then F#m and A. All chords are played in the "E 
  E   F#m  A
E 0   2    5
B 0   2    5
G 1   2    6
D 2   4    7
A 2   4    7
E 0   2    5


E       F#m
Take care
          A                     E
She will fall on you like winter
      F#m                      A
You dont hear a thing but the beating of wings
                   E   F#m
As the lights go out
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There you are
Standing in the doorway
With a cigarette
You say, Hey rock n roll. Did you really have to sell your soul, or were you just 
the fool?
That shame is mine, ya know I've done it too.
19s fine and the lighthouse is burnt out at 22

She will come
To any whispered invitation
Try to send her away, she did not come here to play
She is not leaving empty handed
There we are
There we are

You say time isnt mine
To save or to waste
But I might stick around till the season changes shoes

The fortunate ones will always get to choose
19s fine when the lighthouse is burnt out at 22

Take care, shell rub off on you like weather
You wont hear a thing but the beating of wings
There you are
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