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Ed Sheeran - Nandos Skank chords

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Capo 4th
Standard Tuning
Chords though out: C, F, G (F and G are played are barre chords)
Sounded right to me and I love the song, enjoy guys! :D

(sorry, these are the best lyrics i could find :) )
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I  said, oi you are you gonna bang doe no i want some fucking nados's wanna eat up with
chicken and chips every nun knows i freestyle like this when i freestyle on the beat
about chicken, you know it's finger lickin and now im gonna pass it over to example now
he's gonna freestyle and he's gonna show you how he do chicken, chicken wings there my
favarote things and i love to sing i say chicken, chicken wings if you give me them i
will eat them tings Yo, and we eat chicken for free coz hes got a balck card you see he
made a song about chicking from nando's and are you gonna bang yo yes please i want some
chicken right now please i want to put it in my stomach yes, it taste so good i wanna eat
the chicken
with the fucking breasts and the wings and the thighs and the chips and.. and all them
things that are nice [one sec.. keep going..] nandos from me, fat chance i gotta black
card if you come to me and ask for chicken you'll get a fat scar in your left cheeck i
eat nandos every week sometime on a tuesday, some time on a thursday [yo] i get free drinks,
refillable even when im thirsty on a thursday i eat chicken in the worst ways. yeah, i
said we are on tour so him im like get out the store, yo! coz you are a whore eat nandos
for free everyday on tour, yo! and its a par, i ate nandos from your car cant freestyle 
coz you'll see me starve i slap you in the face coz like im like febreez.. Ya! Chicken 
on the
phone, Chicken on the phone, Chicken on the phone, Chicken on ...
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