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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Distance tab

Andrew Jackson Jihad- Distance (Guitar Solo)

Tuning- E A D G B E (Standard tuning)

Hammer On = h

Slide Up = /

Slide Down = \

I broke this up into 2 licks because it can be a bit tricky to get the whole thing first time.
But please do listen to the song with the tab. Enjoy.

Lick 1:
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E -------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G ---8--8----8-----/11-9-8----------------8--------------------------------|
D -------------------------11-9----/9-11---11-9----------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------------11-9---------------------|

Lick 2:

E ------------------------------/14-12---------11-12-11---- 14/16\14--------|
B---/12-12-12-11-9-11-9-7------------12---14---------- 12-------------------|
G -------------------------8------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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